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1. Budget
When shopping for a dress, it’s important to remember that you aren’t just paying for the dress. Accessories (such as the headpiece, jewelry, shoes, and lingerie) and alterations can really rack up the bill. Keep track of each purchase and plan to budget, not just around the dress, but the accessories as well.


2. Keep Your Options Open
Don’t rule out a certain dress just because it may not look good on the hanger. Try everything on, especially if a salesperson recommends it. A well-trained bridal gown consultant will give a different perspective on styles, and show you gowns that you would never think to try. It’s important to keep in mind certain dress codes at the wedding venue as well. Some churches have rules against bare shoulders, or dress length.


3. Intuition Shopping
It’s important to trust your intuition when shopping for the perfect dress. When it’s the right dress, you’ll know it. There shouldn’t be a need to ask for a second opinion or to second-guess yourself, if it’s the right dress. Remember that it’s okay to be picky, but not too picky. You know what you want, and you’ve probably dreamt of this dress most of your life. It’s okay to search for the perfect dress. But if you haven’t found the “right one,” shop around and make sure you’re getting what you want at the right price. And if you need to, take some time to think about it. Sales on wedding dresses are final in some places, so make sure that dress is the one for you.


4. Tailor Made
Pay attention to size charts and the fit of the dress. Most wedding dresses run a size smaller, so don’t be alarmed if the size seems large. Make sure the correct size is ordered, and that the alterations are correct. Even if they are minor alterations, be sure they are precise so it doesn’t offset the fit.


5. Miscellaneous
Some other important things to keep in mind are the undergarments, pre-wedding photography, and method of payment. Make sure you buy nude-colored undergarments and try them on with the dress to be sure nothing shows. Also, if you need to get wedding pictures prior to the actually ceremony, be sure to do this well in advance to leave enough time to alter and press the dress, if needed. And remember to pay with a credit card in case of any payment discrepancies.

—Cara Trump




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