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Stay True With Bridal Gowns For Every Style


Now that you are engaged, it is time to start looking for the dress of your dreams. There are several trends this spring and summer that may influence what you see in bridal fashions. Local bridal boutique manager from Malindy Elene, Danielle DiMarte says, “We have been noticing a floral lace trend lately. Also, strapless is looking like it is making a comeback, which I love, since we are in Florida and it can be very warm in the spring and summer. There also seems to be a good amount of clean fabrics on classic styles that feature a modern twist.”

Another big trend in bridal gowns is the backless wedding dress in designers such as Berta “Athens” and MUSE collections, Winnie Couture, Katherine Tash, Tarik Ediz, Rita Vinieris and Daalarna. From a peek-a-boo low or mid back, to a full on wide, there is something that is just ultra feminine and chic about a backless dress. Framed with lace or crisp seamed edges, scallops, illusion back with floating buttons, light draping and even burnout, an exposed back not only accentuates the silhouette of the dress, but also gives that “drama” that everyone will remember as the bride walks down the aisle.

“It’s always fun to keep a traditional bridal feel, and having your own personal spin on your overall bridal look,” says DiMarte. “Keep your bridal style true to you, and let your personality shine. Think of your dress as a way to express yourself, just like you do with your everyday fashion choices, just stepped up a little for your big day. You will not only feel comfortable, but your confidence will shine through in your wedding photos.”

The best advice from Malindy Elene’s DiMarte is to go shopping with the people who matter most to you. “Take the pressure off and enjoy yourself in the moment,” says DiMarte. “Be prepared to find “the dress” on the first stop, it is completely normal and such an awesome feeling to say “yes” surrounded by people you love, in a dress you love, picturing the one you love.”        TBW

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